Benefits & Testimonials

Working In BCs Wilderness Tourism Industry Means Your Days On And Your Days Off Are Surrounded By Nature And Wilderness

“You reap what you sow.”

Your job must be your priority if you are to truly have a rewarding and satisfying experience in the wilderness tourism industry.

The benefits available come Benefits 2from taking responsibility and having the right attitude to apply yourself to any wilderness job. Although in remote settings, the amount of employment opportunities are as diverse as they come and there are plenty to choose from. Benefits come naturally by taking advantage of opportunities when they arise. The more you apply your training and education to your work environment, the more opportunities you will be exposed to which, in turn, will lead to further benefits opening up in the future – both personally and professionally.

While working for one of the best Canadian wilderness operators, where safety and a healthy-living lifestyle are fundamental, you can expect following benefits covering:

Personal and Professional Development

  • Continuous reflection on your self, your interests and goals through our coaching and your experiences.

  • Grow, succeed and improve your skills through training and advancement opportunities mirroring changing job descriptions.

  • Gain work and education experience while participating in recreation and travel.

  • Advance your evolution and growth in a wilderness setting.

  • Invest in yourself and your goals.

  • Try new experiences you never expected to do or cannot do at home.

  • Become more independent, confident and self-reliant.

  • Become a guide by enrolling in the guide school, teach others and share your knowledge.

  • Improve your English at our English-speaking ranch.

Kevan is seen giving lessons in logging and forestry management.

Interns are getting lessons in logging and forestry management.

Camilla describes her stay at the ranch like that:

“In 2008 I went on a 10 day pack-trip with a company called Chilcotin Holidays and had the experience of a lifetime, far away from the comforts of cozy Denmark.  Since then I always had it in the back of my head to come back, but as an intern…  
I have worked harder than ever before, done things that was new to me close to every day, like woodlot-assistant, been on hunts, shoeing, packing, worming, bush-riding, staking, hobbling, research and marketing and management for the Wilderness Stewardship Foundation, driving a skidder, planning and organizing in an ever changing environment, learning about tracking and behavior of wildlife, bear-safety, chasing and trekking horses … and all the time appreciating the clear sky and bright stars, fresh air and amazing scenery. … Off work I have been hiking, walking dogs, riding horses, done target-shooting, played UNO, reading in front of the fireplace and hanging out with new good friends. …  
I don’t know if you can talk about degrees of knowing yourself since you grow and learn throughout life. But I have learned something new about my self, my limits and potential. … I feel again like I can recognize my reflection in mirror, so to speak. … I just forgot and needed to rediscover. And I did, but accompanied by an elevated self esteem, trusting own judgement and self acceptance, which is new to me.”
Camilla (27), Denmark  

Camilla is seen during on one of her days doing forestry-research for her B.A.-thesis with the Wilderness Stewardship Foundation.

Tom describes his stay at the ranch like that:

“My name is Tom and I’m a student of forestry at university. I’m 23 years old and I’m doing my internship in forest-science at Chilcotin Holidays. My studies require an internship of 6 weeks in a forestry related internship. I decided to do this internship in a forestry country to develop a deep perspective and gain knowledge in international forestry. Canada was the greatest interests for me because forestry regulations are very different compared to the ones in Germany and forestry is handled on a total different level and perspective. The ranch with it’s 600ha woodlot and the big varieties of learning opportunities, like managing a woodlot, logging, skidder driving, horse logging and wildlife management sounded like a perfect combination of adventure and working task for me.
The benefits I gained at the ranch are several. In one way I learned a lot about how forestry and nature conservation is handled, on the other hand, how it is combined with tourism and business. A big bonus at the ranch is the work with the horses, is it just a day ride on a day off or a whole pack trip, you are around horses all the time.
After I finished my internship I will go back to Germany to carry on with my studies.”
Tom (23), Germany

Positive & Supportive Working Environment

  • Job descriptions tailored to fit the interests, personalities and abilities of each employee.
  • Staff efforts and successes are recognized and there are a variety of staff bonuses.
  • Variety of work schedules – seasonal, permanent, temporary, full-time and part time.
  • Be employed year round in four season operations and learn different aspects of the wilderness tourism industry.

Healthy & Active Lifestyle In Harmony With Nature

  • Participate in numerous recreational activities, reconnect with nature and explore the mountains in your spare time.
  • Live on site, including meals, in a quiet, pristine wilderness setting. No city noises, no rush hour and no commuting.
  • Save money with substantial cost-of-living advantages. There are no utilities, outside entertainment or shops. You just need an international phone card.
  • Live self-sustainable in business and life.
  • Take part in stewardship management and wildlife projects in the South Chilcotin Mountains.

Mara describes her stay at the ranch like that:

“My name is Mara, I’m 28 years old and I finished my studies in psychology and biology this year. After my studies I was looking for a job but wasn’t with all my energy in this topic. Within 3 weeks I made my decision and came to the ranch to improve my English and to live my little dream to explore the nature and the wilderness of Canada on horseback. Further I needed time for myself after the exhausting audit period and I need time to think about what I will do with my new stage of life.
Since I’ve been here at the ranch my expectations have been exceeded. When you are out in the bush living with the wildlife and learn new skills like “how to read animal tracks” or “where is the best way to hike through the thick forest”, when you realize that you have to work together as a team and to take care of yourself otherwise it could be dangerous for the whole group, then this may change your perspective of life.
At the ranch I learned lots of different things, to name a few I learned how to drive a skidder and horse-trailer. I participated in the guide-school and learned more about the rules of nature. All these things the ranch made possible for me.” 

Positive Working Environment With Like-Minded Individuals

  • Make friends and meet new staff and guests from around the world.
  • Work with exceptionally well-trained colleagues.
  • Belong to a community. Discover how different interests and ways of life mold together and form strong ties in a community.

Few work environments provide the opportunity to define new goals and interests, become more confident and get to know your purpose in life. If you are ready to work in a healthy environment with all the benefits a wilderness job offers, we encourage you to apply for a wilderness job by starting the application process. If you have any questions, send us an email to