Life Coaching

Are You Ready For A Lifetime Experience In The Canadian Wilderness?

Adventurers from all over the world have landed in BC to explore our glaciers, mountain ranges, alpine meadows, forests, rivers and wildlife. With beauty on such a grand scale, this natural environment has been responsible for improving the lives of many people.

At our BC wilderness guest ranch, we offer more than the peace and tranquility of BC’s nature. We provide something you are looking for in your life, but probably unable to explain what it is. It is the reason you choose to leave your ordinary life, ready yourself for change by following your heart and answering your inner call for adventure. We believe that there are universal stages all humans go through when overcoming life’s challenges, striving towards their goals and duty. We call it the “Adventurer’s Journey”.  It is the continuous and multi-layered repetition of this journey’s circle, that we all share and that gives “Life” meaning.

Rider in Meadows

Dream jobs are made, carve yours out of the wilderness!

Our environment provides a whole range of possibilities for other people to experience. We offer one of the few natural environments for true personal and professional growth and fulfillment, by experiencing the progress and outcome of living by the laws of nature.

We not only allow, but we insist you try and learn things you have never done like speaking English 24 hours a day, running a chainsaw, cooking a turkey dinner for 30 people, unloading bales of hay with a skidder, shoeing a horse, guiding tourist groups into our grizzly bear wilderness on horse back or work as a tourism program manager. You will be out of your comfort zone at times, whether you admit it or not. But how else can you figure out who you are and what you are capable of achieving.

In this wilderness setting, you will be expected to grow and develop yourself by overcoming the challenges and tasks presented by nature and work – each and every day.

You will get the training, coaching and practice you need to facilitate your evolution and growth in this special environment. By pushing yourself to become the best you can, as a capable, self-reliant, and independent individual, you will be on the right path to finding yourself, defining your life goals and reaching them by taking full responsibility for your own life and personal dreams – becoming a master and creator of your own destiny.

We offer you the opportunity to live and work with an established wilderness tourism operator and enjoy the benefits of a lifestyle that is connected with nature.

Take the next step, and find out more information, to see if you have what it takes to become a real adventurer of life.

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