Internships / Co-Op

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Working In a Unique Environment

Internships 1Being an intern in the mountainous Chilcotin area, you will enjoy the magnificence of nature and its diverse wildlife. It is isolated from the busy pulse of normal civilization, where you will see more horses than cars. Whether it is the fresh air of the mountains, riding the horses or simply being in nature, we have experienced that interns who come here, will quickly learn to love working in a unique environment like ours.

People From All Around the World

Interns of all ages, backgrounds and cultures work at our Guest Ranch in the South Chilcotin Mountains. You will enjoy living abroad in the nature-abundant and peaceful country of Canada while having many unique experiences with other interns from across the globe. Interns benefit  from our expertise of operating in the hospitality tourism industry. Our internships are truly one of the most efficient ways of gaining the skills you need to succeed in today’s workforce – hands-on. You will learn by doing, taking responsibility from the first day.

Opportunities For Everyone

skidder operationThe ranch-environment has a wide range of job-opportunities – and you can try them all. By constantly reviewing and renewing your interests, you can drive heavy machinery one week, work with marketing and sales the second and go riding the third.

Acquiring Skills – Both Practical and Personal

Having gained hands-on experience as an undergraduate is impressive to employers and makes your resume more competitive after graduation. More importantly, international internships/ co-ops provide students with professional and personal growth experiences by forcing you to adjust and adapt to a new cultural environment. You will return home as a global citizen, with a fresh perspective of the world, knowledge and skills to use and plenty of stories to share.

Commitment Is Key

We prefer applicants who commit to work as an intern for at least 2 months, as our past experience proofs that this is the minimum length of stay, to experience a sufficient value of our diverse wilderness environment and it’s opportunities – even though this is not mandatory. For more information about the application-process click here.