Self Sustainable Living & Organic Farming

“Nature is man’s teacher.  She unfolds her treasures to his search, unseals his eye, illumes his mind, and purifies his heart; an influence breathes from all the sights and sounds of her existence.”

Self SustainableOur environment provides opportunities to live and work the lifestyle of self-sustainability; Organic veggie-farming, organic fruit orchards, live-stock raising and wild harvesting – all available depending on the season you want to participate. Our philosophy revolves around self empowerment, and taking the steps necessary to realise and obtain your goals in life.

We invest in people, self-sustainability and stewardship:

  • Investing in People: We invest in people’s personal self-development. Be it staff, students or guests. We facilitate all the opportunities to combine nature, training, work and challenges to contribute towards people’s empowerment and take the steps to becoming master of their own destiny.
  • Investing in Stewardship: Our Stewardship of nature is more than an activity, it is a responsibility which improves our lives. It is a big part of every activity due to the nature of the business and includes guests, staff and students. Stewardship activities range from having referral input for other resource users of the territory, to doing wildlife counts, woodlot improvement, predator management, government regulations and policy input, invasive plant pulling, collecting grizzly bear hair DNA and wildlife winter range habitat improvement as a result. Wilderness stewardship is second nature to us.
  • Investing in Self-Sustainability: Our investment in self-sustainability is physical security which comes from the core of nature. Self sustainability feeds peace of mind, body and soul. At Chilcotin Holidays we cover all the basic human needs of shelter, water, food, heat, meaningful work and daily challenges to overcome. We invite people to join in developing a self sustainable environment to match their interests, be it nature construction, natural gravity fed watering systems, fruit and vegetable farming, livestock husbandry or wild harvesting.

Our environment provides our interns and students not only with healthy living, food and cultural exchange, but with valuable experiences and education.

We invite people to be involved in all the opportunities to live and work in this healthy lifestyle, and participate in creating a sustainable future for all.


Silas (Denmark) is pruning an apple tree.