Vegetable Gardening

Vegetable 4There are many factors that need to be taken into account when working with vegetables. Planting, composting, fertilising, irrigation, greenhouse production, pests, environments, harvesting cycles and techniques to pick up. A strong capability to learn is required when working with vegetables and the results of which can be the most rewarding.

Garden Care

Vegetable 1With vegetable gardening you will develop a great passion for nurturing and develop a good understanding of how to manage the plants under your care. Gardening the large plots of land takes effort and dedication but you won’t be alone in this task. You will always be working in a small team alongside other likeminded individuals as yourself, all with an eager desire to learn more. Qualities such as team management, leadership and the ability to work closely with others will be greatly strengthened.

The return yield gained from vegetable gardening is only determined by the amount of effort put into it. This means the atmosphere promoted is that you get what you work for, we encourage all hard working individuals with a passion for the outdoors to try your hand at working with and for the environment.

Vegetable 3
Personal Self-reflection Story – by Melanie Manns
I have been interested in organic gardening since a long time. My parents grow some organic food andVegetable 6 I visited some farms to get some experiences. But I have never seen a place like Jim’s orchard. The location is gorgeous and I just loved to be around all these trees full of apples, plumbs, peaches and so on. Jim showed us around his property picked here and there a fruit for eating right away. But still I kept on wondering where he has all the red beets (5,000 in total I heard before). Finally Jim brought us to his veggie garden. I just couldn’t believe it: we where walking right into a high grass meadow, Jim bend down and he picked up a tomato here, a carrot there, giant Vietnamese Squash over there. I am impressed by nature and what it can provide to us even if the weeds seems to dominate the place.

My greatest success:
Going there and picking a big load of healthy organic fruits & vegetables which we brought back for the whole “Chilcotin Holiday family”, and even the horses got their treat.