The Call For Adventure

Take On Life’s Journey!

How  comfortable do you feel in your current surroundings? Do you feel a need for change like getting out of your ordinary environment, to discover more about yourself by traveling and learning from different cultures and people? Do you want to explore the stunning nature of the Chilcotin Mountains on horseback, while working in the tourism industry? Reading and visiting this website indicates, that you are an adventurer, and job hunter. The question is, if you are willing to start a new journey and come to our ranch. Where are you right now in your life? And even more important: Where do you want to be?

As soon as you decide to leave your familiar surroundings you will probably feel the fear of the unknown. This fear is common and nothing that should stop you. Get yourself educated, identify your interests and make choices! During both the application process and here at our Ranch, we will provide you with coaching and tools for your self-development. You can start this process by filling out our Questionnaire_1, that will start helping you to figure out your skills and interests. Once you are at the ranch, this continuous progress will be permanently supported by bi-weekly reviews to reflect your personal development routinely. We want you to start a self-reflection process to put your interests and goals into practice at the ranch.

Once you go through the application steps and arrive at the ranch, you will be exposed to new learning, new adventures, new challenges and many opportunities we can provide you with. In the first days after your arrival you might feel uncomfortable and inexperienced, but you will loose this feeling quickly. We expect much from our staff as we invest much in them. You will do things you thought you will never do, like driving a skidder, working as a ranch-hand or guiding guests through the wilderness mountains. You will gain many experiences, and we will provide you with various opportunities. While you meet new people and situations at the ranch, you will also see new sides of yourself you’ve never known before.

Of course, you will be tested at the ranch more than once within an acceptable level of risk, but you will also be helped by other people. The more responsibility and failures you will have, the more success you’ll experience by growing in a physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual way. You will learn to be flexible and we will help you to put it into perspective.

After some time you will find your place, take the endless opportunities this environment provides you with and develop your skills. You are away to the races as you experience many successes during you prepare for a big change.

This change can only happen by going out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself. At this point, you refine your internal skills and make them the foundation. For example, you evolve from an assistant guide to a lead guide. Through your personal transformation, you will gain the total ownership of yourself and loose the fear of taking responsibility and leadership. You will become the master of your own destiny related to your newly acquired independence and success.

You will start your preparation for returning home after all your interests and goals at the ranch will be fulfilled, to finally return as a different, more experienced and independent person. The training we provide will help you to continue even after your stay at the ranch with a self-reflection and development process.

Returning home you will probably find everything the same, but yourself. You will have changed and developed significantly, and return with new skills and new attitude on another level.

Back home you can continue the life’s journey continuous growth, using the same formula taught at the ranch. Being the master of your own destiny, you will have the power to transform your world as you will have been transformed. After your return, you will know where you want to be in your life, and you will be able to accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Working with and educating more than 4000 people, we discovered a system of universal development and evolution, that occurs in any natural environment. You will walk through this process and your personal life-journey, as we provide you with the opportunity to master this special environment hands on.